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Email Marketing

The power of a well-crafted email campaign even today remains relevant, effective and necessary. MAS Global transforms email marketing into a pivotal tool for meaningful engagement and tangible results.

Email Campaigns

Our approach to email marketing is both strategic and targeted. We recognize the immense value of communicating with opt-in audiences, tapping into the potential of re-engaging abandoned carts and guiding them back to checkout. Each campaign is meticulously planned, ensuring maximum impact and conversion.

Optin Email Campaigns

Auto Responders

Effective Customer Email Promotions

Full Automation for
Maximum Efficiency

Tailored Messaging

We specialize in crafting automated email marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. By gathering key information, we compose messages that are not just informative but are guaranteed to drive the desired results.

Diverse Campaign Goals

Whether your aim is to gather customer feedback, build new lead databases, promote new products or services, or recapture lost sales, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of your campaign. Our diverse strategies cater to your specific business needs, ensuring every email sent is a step towards achieving your goals.

Expert Service Provider Selection

Utilizing only the best of breed email marketing service providers, we ensure high performance for every campaign. This includes detailed tracking capabilities and superior delivery rates, maximizing the effectiveness of your outreach.

Seamless Execution

At MAS Global, we do the heavy lifting. From conceptualizing the campaign to executing it with precision, our team is dedicated to your success. We handle the intricacies of email marketing, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Choose MAS Global for your email marketing needs and experience the power of strategic, automated campaigns that not only reach but also resonate with your audience. Let’s harness the potential of email marketing together, turning every sent email into an opportunity for growth and engagement.

Social Media Strategies

Using an advanced, focused strategy, we will build your social network presence, design compelling graphics and videos, then target a defined audience

PPC Ad Management

Let us capture your “low hanging fruit” of customers by dominating existing search volume using search networks, display networks shopping feeds with creative ads

Modern Site Design

We only design scalable, high quality, responsive wordpress ecommerce websites. Strictly focused on performance, usability, conversions and retention

Search Engine Optimization

From keyword research to full site optimization, sitemap submission & optimization in Google search console. We will ensure you get maximum organic exposure

Photography & Graphic Design

Inclusive photography and design services to catapult your companies offerings into a new level of high end perception

Video Creation

Complete video creation services which include scripting, filming, audio sourcing for music and voice-over and complete editing. Videos are then promoted through high converting campaigns

Email Marketing

Using best of Breed ESP platforms we script and create brilliant opt-in campaigns connected to timed, high converting auto responders with complete tracking mechanisms

Customer Support Assistance

Allow us to build out your complete website customer support for you which includes hiring live support person, installing chat platform and building out a ticket support system

Amazon FBA & Marketplace Management

We configure your website orders and will also sell on Amazon using Amazon FBA services. We will connect your site to your FBA warehouses for auto fulfillment