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About Us

About MAS Global

A commitment to experience, quality & exceptional ROI

Mark Stoffels founded MAS Global Consulting in 1996 pioneering ecommerce and business automation projects far beyond their time.

A full dedication to develop and implement online productivity and transaction strategies was our mission as new technologies became available.

Over the years, specialized branches of MAS Global Services formed which include:

  • Advanced e-mail marketing technologies
  • Supply and demand research validation
  • Evolving E-commerce website designs
  • Hundreds of successfully implemented ad campaigns
  • Hundreds of commercial video shoots
  • Complete system administration experience in hosting, security and performance
  • Social Media management using latest technologies 


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Unique Selling Proposition

When you hire a company to handle your online business efforts, clarity and communication are essential. You need to work with someone that has advanced intuition to understand your business and its market quickly.

We believe in details, efficiency, organization, transparency and ensuring your ownership of all initiatives.

We do not handcuff you to proprietary custom work, we choose to customize best of breed, proven applications that are widely supported and often open source.

Our commitment to your success has yielded a perfect client record with more than 400 client projects successfully completed over 20 years.

Our Process

Our initial meeting will allow you to express your desired business functions and then we will respond with a game plan.

Our pricing is simple, affordable and inclusive. You simply purchase monthly time slots. The more time you have available for involvement lowers the time slots required. If you don’t have any available time, we can take over all content writing and creative which would simply require extra time slots.  

We setup regular 90 minute on-going meetings to brain storm, strategize and assign tasks to all involved on your team and ours with all of our time slots.