Youtube Spotlight Videos

Youtube Spotlight Videos

A good way perhaps to get spotlighted is to be actively engaged with the Youtube staff online, since you need someone from youtube/google to see one of your videos and like it enough to get featured/spotlighted.

The best way to do that is to follow some of the youtube blogs:
Many times they will give specific instructions for how to get a video considered for spotlighting. Sometimes, at the beginning of the month, they list some spotlight themes that will be going on later in the month and how to tag your video to be noticed.
There are also many contests that youtube either sponsors or gets involved with (many of them have to do with community service and activism) and the winner and excellent videos submitted to those also often get spotlighted.

Check out from time to time to see if there any contests that might fit well with your style of video.

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Written by Mark Stoffels


Mark Stoffels is an accomplished internet marketing coach and entrepreneur with more than 10 years teaching hundreds of people how to become successful by creating automated online businesses. With his own niche sites reaching millions of organic visitors, Mark practices what he preaches.




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