WordPress Website Monthly Updating Service

This convenient monthly service takes all of the hassle of updating your complex WordPress website out of your hands and frees up your time to work more on promoting your business.


  • Are you tired of worrying about whether your plugins and themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress?
  • Have you ever pressed the update buttons in your WordPress dashboard only to find out that they have ruined the look and functionality of your site?
  • Have you ever stressed out about whether your site is backed up and could be saved from a hacker or reverted back to a previous version?

Well finally you can afford to have someone back up your entire WordPress website and update your site with the latest version of your WordPress  plugins and themes… securely and quickly.

Our WordPress Website Monthly Updating Service keeps your site running fast, keeps it secure and keeps it safe!

The service includes:

  1. Complete Backups done of the site before any updates are performed
  2. Compatibility testing  of your plugins to ensure they work with the latest versions of WordPress and Theme updates
  3. Updating of Core WordPress platform once a month and thorough testing to make sure all went smoothly
  4. Complete Updating of your WordPress Theme and testing to make sure all images, content and functionality is working as it was before the updates


(thats like having your own tech guy for less than $7/hour)


A smart webpreneur knows the value of their time and that it is best spent generating revenue and not on time leeching technical tasks!


Signing up for this service is easy and your private login information is kept very confidential and secure.


Wordpress Monthly Updating Service
Wordpress Monthly Updating Service
Monthly service includes: monthly website backup monthly updates of theme monthly updates of plugins monthly updates of WordPress thorough testing of site after updates
Price: $29.95