Website ideas and how to find a niche

Website ideas and how to find a niche

The number one challenge when starting an internet business from scratch is to nail down that elusive, profitable website idea. Finding a niche market small enough to penetrate quickly; but large enough to get enough traffic to make good money from has always been the the initial stumbling block for many web-entrepreneurs without any guidance.

This without a doubt is where the journey starts for everyone, and ends for many. Discovering great website ideas takes thinking outside-the-box and using certain tools to kick off your search process.

What I cover with all clients is to start your journey using Google Suggest.






This handy tool is connected to a useful database of all past Google user’s searches and will reveal what others have searched for as you start typing. It can be accessed just by starting to type into the Google search field. Now what is brilliant about this is if you start typing problem statement related phrases, it will reveal precisely what hobby they are searching for answers on.

Certain problem phrases have proven over time to convert much higher as they are much further along the buying process than others.

Of course I can’t reveal here all of the types of problem statements people start their searches with as this is covered in the program, but I can say, this is an excellent way to almost fully exhaust what everyone is searching for related to a market and therefore will produce a great list of excellent website ideas that you can then plug into other tools to determine the size of the market.

If you do not want to spend hours looking for niche market website ideas, then this will be perfect for you:

I am working with some colleagues right now on creating an amazing package of The Top 100 Niche Market Website Ideas.  This is scheduled for release in early July and will include 100 well researched and validated niche markets, along with custom designed wordpress websites and product suggestions for each one.

Each of the 100 niche markets will include:

  • Complete keyword research broken down into segments – So you will know exactly how many visitors you can expect to get
  • Product suggestions and where to get them made for cheap – we will suggest ebooks, digital downloads or affiliate product for each market giving you the best chance to convert sales in each market
  • Custom wordpress websites specific to each niche – completely designed professional looking WordPress websites that will blow away any other site in it’s market

If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting product, leave your name and email address below and I will notify you when we launch.


100 Awesome Niche Market Website Ideas

Remember, there are thousands of awesome niche markets out there! Literally something for everyone.  If you want to learn how to discover, research and validate the right website idea for you, then that is what I am here for. Let’s get you started today!

Written by Mark Stoffels

Mark Stoffels is an accomplished internet marketing coach and entrepreneur with more than 10 years teaching hundreds of people how to become successful by creating automated online businesses. With his own niche sites reaching millions of organic visitors, Mark practices what he preaches.



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