Internet Business Analysis Report

This service includes:

  • 1 meeting (up to 60 minutes) to extract information required to create report
  • Potential market size report using Google search volume tools (determines your the monthly search volume for your products/services in Google)
  • Detailed supply and demand report. (A useful measurement of the number of people searching to the number of sites competing for certain phrases and an explanation of how difficult it will be to rank for each of the major phrases.)
  • Competition report on how easy/difficult it will be to rank (organically) and through sponsored listings (PPC).
  • Detailed breakdown on how much money can be made immediately through PPC. (and if PPC is a viable option)
  • Summary breakdown of your overall online opportunity and recommendations on which direction will be the most profitable.
  • Breakdown will be provided on Global market or individual countries depending on where you are selling to.
  • Other traffic source suggestions and numbers. Such as affiliate traffic/revenue, banner advertising on industry related sites, revenue from email marketing efforts (retention marketing)

Some of the numbers are derived from the following data:

  1. Number of potential visitors per month x statistical % of those we can actually expect to the site = Total Monthly visitors forecast
  2. total monthly visitors to the site x an average sales conversion for your industry = total unit sales per month
  3. Number of sales per month x average expected per transaction $ amount = average revenue expected per month
  4. average cost per click x number of expected visitors = monthly cost of visitor acquisition
  5. Average revenue expected per month monthly cost of visitor acquisition = Total online revenue expected per month less traffic acquisition costs.

These numbers are compiled from reliable online tools and predictions based on large statistical analysis. However, they can not be guaranteed.

Internet Business Analysis Report
Internet Business Analysis Report
Provides business owners powerful information they can use to roughly predict online sales and is also very helpful when raising capital. Report results are provided by email usually within 1 week of included meeting. NOTE: Report does NOT include Internet Marketing advice on how to rank for suggested phrases, and other internet marketing advice. For this kind of assistance, we recommend you sign up for our monthly program after the report. This report is used mostly to validate your online opportunity.
Price: $500.00