Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates

A client recently asked: How can I increase the conversion rates for sales in my website? It is my understanding that all affiliates conversion sales will only be what your site conversion rate is? what are some of the ways to increase that…better salescopy, video, links?

well first of all…

No it is not true that your affiliates conversion rates will be the same as yours. The probability of a sale being made from an affiliate (depending on the loyalty of their traffic and the credibility of their site,) will quite often be higher than your own sales conversions.

remember, an affiliate properly selling your product, is actually endorsing it and recommending it.

As for how to increase conversions on your site, there are many things you can do.

  1. Increase the value of your product.  At the end of the day, you need to feel 100% that what you are offering is better than anything else available and then this value needs to be communicated in your sales copy.
  2. Add videos of testimonials. Testimonials of your product not of you personally.
  3. Price test different prices every couple thousand visitors. 1000 sales at $17.95 is better than 150 sales at $27.
  4. Change up your product. Sometimes the term ebook can sound a little tired and lack lustre. Perhaps switching it to a “learning kit” or a “health program” can add a twist that could stimulate new sales.
  5. Get your product reviewed or used by an official organization.  The majority of your web visitors have probably never heard of you before visiting your site.  That requires a huge leap of faith to buy a product from you then.  If it is has been reviewed by or used by an official organization, that might add the credibility you need to win over their confidence in you.
  6. Focus on ALL of your conversion goals. There are usually two types of sales conversions you need to focus on, not just visitors to sales.  The first is the conversion of the click from your content pages to your checkout page. That is the one that should be in the 5% or more range.  Then comes the checkout page to transaction completion conversion.  In theory, that should be around 30-40% as statistically most clients get a 60-70% shopping cart abandon rate. If your content pages are not getting the 5% clickthrough to the checkout phase, then you need to sell them better on those pages.  If the shopping cart abandon rate is higher than 70%, you need to close the deal with more value on the checkout page or reduce the number of clicks required to actually complete a transaction with you.
  7. Use photos of people on your website. This has proven to double conversion rates in some instances.

I hope these help you in your quest for higher conversions. This is an area in the program we spend much time on, as a simple increase from 1% – 2% means thousands of extra dollars per month in revenue.



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