Google Adwords Basics

Google Adwords Basics

What to know when starting with Google Adwords

Running an effective Google PPC campaign is an excellent way to grab some quick targeted traffic overnight and is also a very effective and inexpensive way to split test different versions of your sales copy. The only problem is, if you don’t know the rules, you can quite easily pay more than you need to and if you try and throw all of your keyword phrases into a single ad group, you could quite easily get the “Google Slap”. Follow some of my tips below to avoid this:

Here are some main points surrounding Google AdWords:

  1. Set up ad groups based on searchers intentions (your keyword phrase clusters) and don’t mix up the keyword phrases.
  2. Create ad variations to split test what ad copy converts best.
  3. Create relevant unique individual landing pages for your ad groups.
  4. Conversion tracking – place the conversion code on your fulfillment page (here is the google conversion tracking setup guide)
  5. Set up an ad group for negative keywords like “free” and use this ad group for an optin squeeze page.
  6. Setup your ad service to “Rotate” to make your ads show more evenly
  7. Integrate Google Analytics Make sure you use the same account for adwords as you did for analytics and it will automatically be setup for you.

To increase your quality score, here are a few tips:

  • Include the keyword in your AdWords ad text.
  • Have the keyword in the title tag on your landing page.
  • Have the keyword in your domain name, or the name of the file/folder of your landing page.
  • Include the keyword in the main headline on the landing page.
  • In anchor text for outbound links on the landing page.
  • In anchor text for inbound links to your landing page.
  • Include the keyword amongst the normal body text on your landing page.
  • Reduce the number of keywords per ad group right down, so that each group is super targeted on a specific set of phrases.

Here are some documents to help you get a good understanding of the google quality score and how to improve your ads:

Adwords Overview

Quality and Performance Factors



My goal for most is to earn in sales more than twice back what you spend on your PPC efforts.  This is done through laser sharp targeting, relevant ad copy writing that meets the direct needs of the visitor and well written sales landing pages.

Written by Mark Stoffels

Mark Stoffels is an accomplished internet marketing coach and entrepreneur with more than 10 years teaching hundreds of people how to become successful by creating automated online businesses. With his own niche sites reaching millions of organic visitors, Mark practices what he preaches.



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