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Staph Infection Resources

Staph Infection Resources

We can’t thank you enough Mark – your coaching was the key to unlocking the right way to start our online business.

Before working with Mark, we struggled for 5 years with limited success online. We were helping people improve their health and wellness through seminars and local events, but our website never really become successful, despite repeated efforts with various methods and approaches. Mark taught us how to identify and understand our market using online tools and research methods that he has seen work repeatedly with his other clients. He also showed us how to focus our passion and expertise in health and laser focus on our market to provide a unique and valuable solution.

Within three months of launching our website, traffic and sales exceeded our expectations, quickly reaching our 12 month target set prior to launch. At that point Les was able to leave his day job so we both could devote our full time to building our new online business.

The most valuable thing Mark’s coaching brought us was clarity and an efficient and effective path through every step of the process. In the internet marketing arena there are so many tools, techniques and opinions out there it’s confusing and hard to know what really works.

Mark walked us through every step of the process of building our online business using tools and methods that do more than just work, they work together in a synergistic way.

Here are some recent client site examples:


The StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

From Market research, product developed, full site creation and significant traffic/sales exceeding expectations all in under 3 months. Already the StripMeister automatic wire stripping machine is becoming a recognized brand in the industry with hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and social shares.






Ultimate Paper Hats

Identified amazing niche with awesome search volume using MAS Global niche finding process, completely outsourced product development which went to market with an amazing visually appealing site selling hundreds of digital hats… all in under 6 months!







 Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

Considered the “Tony Robbins” of Nigeria, Ogbo needed a specialized site to distribute his wealth of video and written information through a membership based site. Also one to sell his very successful published books digitally.

One of the challenges for this project was working with the Nigerian banks to accept membership payments automatically. However in little time we implemented an integrated solution to achieve this in very little time. In under 4 months his site went live selling to his large following of business leaders and entrepreneurs alike.

Ultimate Survival Training

Zero Foundation is a leading Corporate Security Consulting firm in South Africa. They wanted to reach a wider international market with their unique and popular survival training course.  Joining the MAS Global mentoring program has helped them refine their product online and introduce other online products that are digitally delivered.

American Girl Doll Clothes

Mary Ann is a school teacher by trade but has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  She quickly fell in love with Internet marketing and selling her unique and wildly popular doll clothes online.  From a dream and a concept to a mini doll clothes empire, Mary Ann is a fantastic story of persistence, desire and the ability to learn to succeed online, even in her 60’s!


St Maarten

Kyle and Rami live in the Carribean. They wanted to create another source of income that they could enjoy managing on their own. Something that wouldn’t take up all of their free time and wouldn’t cost hundreds of thousands to start. Since they live in such a sought after location, they managed to validate a demand for specific information about their island paradise and quickly turned it into a thriving little business.

In a relatively short time, The St. Maarten Island Guide has become a well respected and very popular guide with tons of valuable discounts and thousands of satisfied customers. Kyle and Rami have officially become online marketing professionals throughout the course and can gauge, analyse, increase and market their way into ever increasing conversions.


Nail Art Designs

Shawn has always wanted to be independent and has the drive and passion to make it happen. Her well rounded background has led her into many online opportunities throughout the program. One is her passion for fashion and beauty. Together we validated a nice niche in nail art.  In very short time, she learned how to optimize her new ecommerce site based around the research and is quickly getting ranked for her top phrases which lead to sales.  Her sites are constantly growing at a rapid pace even though she has not been up that long.