About Mark Stoffels

The New Way
From developing and marketing online casinos in the early 90’s to big company e-commerce business systems and initial public offerings over the next 10 years. Surviving the dot bomb fall-out by creating a specialized email marketing company that produces an excellent ROI for customers. To finally spending 7 years with one of the greatest Internet Marketing companies The Internet Marketing Center working with greats like Corey Rudl and Derek Gehl.

Throughout all of my professional experiences though, nothing compares to the new lifestyle design of online niche marketing and digital product fulfilment.

The simple concept of finding what an offline audience is looking for – online, measuring the competing sites and giving (selling) them what they want  is so simple yet so incomprehensible by the masses.

I have now been practicing and teaching Internet marketing for the last 10 years and can truly say it has changed my life forever! Working smarter not harder, utilize your strengths, outsource the rest and most of all, build a scalable internet business that requires mostly up-front work with long-term, automated payoff is my motto.

To date, I have helped produce substantial amounts in combined revenue for clients and myself through this niche marketing automated online internet business concept. Many clients I work with along with myself are now travelling the world with their laptops as their mobile offices, which, to me is the ultimate goal!

I now will continue to spread the word and change as many lives as I can. Helping people believe in themselves and to create a plan and execute it online until goals are met.

Having the pleasure to work with more than 400 individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. From non-technical but passionate individuals to celebrities looking for more consistent income to family teams creating a new way to work together.   All with the same goal, to create a new way to produce replacement income on auto-pilot which in turn provides for a far more valuable modern day currency… time!

Isn’t it time YOU start your own online internet business?

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