Group Program Options

1. Group Program Options

Starting a website business through our Unique All inclusive program is an exciting and financially rewarding process. But motivation and financial commitment initially can be difficult for some. Although there is a lot of encouragement and support throughout the course, many clients have found excellent success in working through the program with a friend, relative or colleague. This exciting option allows you to share the cost making it affordable for almost everyone and I will designate tasks and homework to each of the members involved based on their identified strengths. Don’t have a friend, relative or colleague interested, but still want to join in a group? Your not alone. I can potentially hook you up with others that are ready to go! Don’t worry, I assess all levels and abilities and will match you up with someone perfect for your learning and technical level! Fill out the form below to get more details on our group programs. Group Program Inquiry First Name: * Last Name: * Email Address: * Phone Number: Country Check which best applies:   I have my own group and want to know costs and details  I would like to know more about joining a...
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How to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing

Here is some great information on affiliate marketing and how to start an affiliate program for beginners to advanced digital marketers.

4 Ingredients to Success in Life and Business

4 Ingredients to Success in Life and Business...

The true elements that lead to success in anything we do in life is made up of the same ingredients it takes to succeed online. Here are 4 important ingredients that will help you blast through adversity

Niche Marketing with Google Plus

Niche Marketing with Google Plus

Niche marketing with Google Plus couldn’t be easier. Using engaging images, photos and vidoes you can harness the social sharing potential of Google+.

How to Setup Google Authorship Using Rich Snippets and WordPress

How to Setup Google Authorship Using Rich Snippets and WordPress...

As I analyze my Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for traffic patterns and trends, I notice a substantially larger click-through rate for some posts of my site for ranked phrases, even though most are ranked roughly in the same SERP position (give or take 1 or 2 spots +/-) Upon further evaluation I search Google for the phrases with the higher CTR and notice that they all have my Google Authorship image and information. (NOTE: If you need hand holding help on this process, get in touch via chat on my site or fill out one of the contact forms)   Therefore, if you are not including Google Authorship into your content marketing strategy, you could be missing out in a much larger share of organic click-throughs. Now that we have proven it is useful for improving visibility and CTR rate we need to learn how to setup Google Authorship. There are a ton of resources available on Google Authorship, of which many will probably make the average persons head spin and cause confusion, so I have tried to write this step by step as easy as possible to help you accomplish this task.   STEP 1 – Sign up for Google Plus Account If you haven’t already, head...
Handy tips for writing content for your site

Handy tips for writing content for your site...

Regardless how many products you add to your site, more often than not, your articles and info based content is most likely going to perform better in the search engines and get you ranked for keyword phrases if done properly. Here are some basic website content writing tips to incorporate into your website content strategy. Write in posts – If you are using WordPress, write your content into posts rather than pages. Posts are much more SEO friendly and have many elements that work well for internal links such as showing tag links in the meta data. Also you can assign posts to multiple relevant categories which spreads out your content on the site and allows people to find it in different places related to their interests. Optimize each post for 3 long tailed keyword phrases – Write your posts with a maximum of three relevant long tailed keyword phrases in mind. Make sure to write the content interesting, well researched, useful and make sure to pepper the 3 keyword phrases throughout the content and make them appear naturally. Make the content tease the reader – Tell them the “what” but not the “how” perhaps. Or write your article about “20 awesome ways to …” and then only give them 10 and get them...
Find a Niche, get a free site, learn to promote!

Find a Niche, get a free site, learn to promote!...

Get help finding your niche, have the website of your dreams and learn step by step how to promote it!

Creating a classified ad website business

Creating a classified ad website business...

Lately I have been working with a number of clients on creating classified ad website businesses. There are many important considerations when venturing into this model that will determine your success or failure and how long it will take to see a return. Below I will share some things to think about that could help you decide if it is the right model for your situation: Pros Multiple Revenue stream opportunities. A good looking classified ads website with all the bells and whistles serving a real niche can actually charge for placing ads. Then there are options for upgrading paid ads to featured ads for an extra fee to prominently display the ad for better exposure. Then of course once you reach critical mass with a solid viewership, you can start selling banner ad zones on the site with either monthly fees, cpm or cpc pricing. Also you can create dealership ad pricing and contact existing dealerships that sell old stock or used former customer products and give them bulk ad pricing. Ease of entry. There are many themes and plugins you can get for only a few hundred dollars to get you up and running in no time.  In the Ultimate Internet Business Course I include the entire design of this type of...
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About Mark

Throughout the last 10 years, I have assisted hundreds of clients through this exciting niche marketing automated online internet business concept.

I spend many many hours researching, testing and implementing with colleagues to bring you the latest, techniques and strategies in order for all of us to achieve success.

Many clients I work with along with myself are now traveling the world with laptops as mobile offices, virtually managing staff around the world and really enjoying this new lifestyle design!

I will continue to spread the word and change as many lives as I can. Helping people believe in themselves and to create a plan and execute it online until goals are met.

Creating a classified ad website business